Stomach cancer in women- cures and treatments

Stomach cancer in women begins with the formation of cancer cells in the inner stomach lining. Also known as gastric cancer, these cells grow into a tumor over many years. It is essential that you should be aware of the symptoms and causes and consult a doctor as soon as you witness any symptoms.
The Causes
There is no exact explanation of what causes stomach cancer. But there is a list of factors available which are found to raise stomach cancer risk. Infection with H. pylori, common bacteria which causes ulcers is found to be one such reason. Among other factors there is gastritis or gut inflammation, polyp growths in stomach and long-lasting anemia.
Some lifestyle related factors include:
* Smoking
* Obesity
* Epstein-Barr virus infection
* Pickled, smoked or salty diet
* Stomach surgery
* Exposure to asbestos
* Type-A blood
* Certain genes
* Working in metal and coal industries
The Symptoms
Pay close attention to any of these symptoms if they occur:
* Indigestion
* Heartburn
* Bloating after eating a meal
* Loss of appetite
* Slight nausea
Heartburn and indigestion are common after eating a meal and doesn’t mean you have cancer but if these symptoms are recurring then you should immediately consult your doctor.
The Cure and Treatment
You doctor can advise to take blood test, Upper endoscopy, Upper GI series test, CT scan or Biopsy to diagnose any signs of stomach cancer.
The treatments are several and your doctor will choose the best one for you. Depending on the spread of cancer and type of cancer you can be advised one of the following:
Parts of the stomach having cancer cells will be surgically removed. It removes the tumor and avoids its spread to other parts of the body. In severe cases removal of whole stomach is the only option. Some tumors restrict the flow of food in stomach, in such a case placement of a stent is advised.
Using drugs to kill cancer cells, doctors either recommend pills or IV treatment in a clinic. The treatment can take several weeks and there can be side effects. However your doctor can optimize the treatment for minimizing the side effects.
Using high energy waves to shrink tumor and kill cancer is another treatment option available. This treatment is similar to chemo but without the side effects.
This is a mix use of chemotherapy and radiation which is usually used to shrink the tumor before a stomach cancer surgery.
Targeted drugs
This involves use of new drugs which only kill the cancer cells. With other treatments like radiation and chemo problem is it can kill healthy body cells as well along with diseased cells. Targeted therapies ensure that only diseased cells are treated thus minimizing the side effects.
Apart from all these listed factors you should take care of your lifestyle. Make sure that you always eat a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables. Also avoid smoking and use of aspirin like drugs.

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