A Cancer Survivor Story: Choose One Doctor

Dr. Nicholas Gonzales is an immunologist trained at Sloane Kettering; he is one is one of the few doctors having success with pancreatic cancer and other zero percent survival cases. One of the rules I got from Dr. Nicholas Gonzales was to stay with one treatment protocol and doctor for a specific amount of time and be careful of jumping from one doctor to the next.

When it comes to cancer you can get panicked if you think something isn’t working instead of drawing no conclusions. If you are going to do an alternative protocol or even a conventional one, set a certain goal as to how long you are going to give it and what you except to achieve. For instance, “I will give this herbal protocol 6 weeks and I want to see at least a fifty percent reduction of the tumor.” Then when that goal is met you set a new one and if it’s not met-then you re-evaluate and explore other options.

In my healing journey this was the exact approach I created. I decided to give the herbal program 3 months with Donnie Yance. As long as I didn’t see any dramatic change for the worse. Of course, in certain protocols this can happen-things gets worse before they get better-but they are usually short-lived. I questioned Donnie very candidly about his belief that he could cure my cancer-he felt he could.

I have seen clients with seriousness illnesses jump from one protocol to the other and this really doesn’t serve you. But when it comes to a life threatening illness you, of course, get scared-you don’t want to die, you don’t want to be in more pain so you get caught up in your fears. And sometimes those fears can be sparked or fueled by people who are close to you, who might not believe totally in what you are doing, who are naturally scared of losing you. Take this as an oprtunitity to work on your boundaries with friends and family and examine if you are really communicating your needs to them without making them wrong.

When you decide to undertake a protocol, do it 100%! Alternative protocols in general have certain diet requirements-follow them as best you can to the letter. In retrospect, despite my diligence around diet, I think I could have done better. I could have ratcheted it up another notch. Like going on all juice and raw food diet. But there are many different approaches to diet. I would strongly suggest finding an alternative doctor that has specific ideas about diet and specific written diet plans they want you to follow. If they don’t you might question their thoroughness.

And also, a note on diet, even if you buy organic food, I would go the extra step and clean it with hydrogen peroxide or Clorox. Organic food can become contamaintated on its way to market. You will find more about this cleaning protocol in the book, Living Better Longer, about the work of Dr. Hazel Parcels.

In conclusion, stay with one doctor for a set amount of time, set goals and when they are met or not met, then re-evaluate. Don’t get caught up in the conversation of how you are doing. Written goals can support this not happening. Of course, if the cancer takes a dramatic wrong turn, then that’s time to re-evaluate.

Stay objective but always in your intuition. And learn to know when it’s your intuition and not your fears. This is part of the healing. Every small or large challenge emotionally is another chance to heal. How you are going about healing is a healing in of itself.

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