Radiation: Cell Phone

Mobile phone radiation is now an increasing interest among most human health experts over the recent years. As of last year, there are more than four billion registered mobile phone users throughout the whole world. This type of phenomenon cannot be ignored all on its own, considering it has now reached a global scale.

These mobile phones use electromagnetic waves that is in the range of radio and microwaves, both of which are what humans use for other activities as well. Aside from that, the real concern is the presence of microwaves, as most people are afraid of sticking a microwave source near their heads. Naysayers contribute their claims that these would make you dumb, or lose all sense as your brain is getting fried from the inside. But there is no solid evidence, no proof yet that this is true.

Even the WHO or the World Health Organization has anything yet to say regarding any support about radiation and its dangerous effects. Radiation that comes from cell phones. Announcements and refusals of claims that cancer can be caused by cell phone towers have been released, as a lot of people have speculated that being around these towers can cause illnesses related to radiation.

The European Commission Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks has also given out conclusions regarding mobile phone radiation and exposure levels at an urban level. In the studies it is said that exposure to mobile phone radiation had not caused any signs of nausea, dizziness or headaches. Brain cancer, neurological effects are also improbable as well as the impediment in reproductive systems.

There is also unproven data that cancer in the auditory nerve can be caused by cell phone radiation as well. Most people also stick to the theory that cell phone radiation can also affect the child in the womb, if the mother is very consistent with her use of the cell phone. But both have been dispelled and are proven false.

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