Best Colon Cleansing Methods

Colon health and colon cleansing are topics that have only recently been much discussed. This can be directly attributed to the fact that the problems originating directly from the colon have been increasing every year and the colon cancer is something which is terrifying the whole nation these days. With most number of cases reported cases in the entire world and an increasing number of deaths due to colon cancer, colon health is one topic which the Americans can no longer neglect.

To ensure that your colon is in its prime condition you should always get your colon cleansed at regular intervals. There are various methods which you can use to get your colon cleansed. While some are expensive, some are quite affordable and while some can be administered at home, for some you need to pay visits to the therapist. The best method depends n your needs. What we will provide here is an outline of the various methods available.

Juice Fasting

It is better to practice juice fasting than simple fasting to get your colon in proper shape. Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of fiber in them and this helps in bowel movements. Since you are not consuming anything else there is nothing additional that gets deposited. However consuming entire fruits and vegetables would not be a nice idea as the fibers in that form can be harder to digest. When you take them in the form of a juice you are much likely to yield better results. Also the fact that since most fruits and vegetables have high nutritional value, your body will not be deprived of energy to work which would have been the case if it was a complete fast.

Colon Hydrotherapy

One of the most effective ways of getting your colon cleansed is to go for colon hydrotherapy. This process involves the insertion of a tube through your anus into the colon. Plenty of pure water is poured into the colon through the tube to flush out the contents of the colon. This is a natural method and doesn’t involve any use of drugs. A colon hydrotherapy program would require you to attend 10 to 12 sessions over a period of two months, each session spanning for something around 45 to 60 minutes.

Herbal Laxatives

The colon cleanse herbs and the herbal laxatives claim to be harmless and position themselves as alternatives to commercial laxatives. They further their claim saying that since they are natural, they are safe. The herbs are generally very strong and they start showing results in 6 to 12 hours time after consumption. They should be had only in moderate amounts as a prolonged use can have serious side effects.

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