How to know the adequate dose of Melanotan 2

Melanotan 2 is an exclusive peptide that provides reflective effects on melanogenesis or simply can say that it makes you tan. Several users experience quick tanning, enhanced love making experience and fat loss. But are you looking for the way about how to use it? This article provides deep insight on the ways to use Melanotan 2 in an effective manner to get the outstanding results.
Melanotan 2 was prepared in the Arizona university to get an artificial analogous of our body’ tanning hormone, Alpha – Melanocyte stimulating hormone. Melanotan 2 effectively stimulates the production of Melanin in the body to provide much darker skin as well as saves the body from the danger of excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The naturally occurring MSH works well and it is immediately distributed throughout the body once it is injected.
Melanotan 2 has also brought effective results in the treatment of one of the most common dysfunctions in men, erectile dysfunction. It increases the penile erection. Researches show that daily 0.25mg per kg dose is required to produce this necessary effect. Hence for a man weighing 200 pounds, needs 2.25mg of Melanotan 2. However the practical experiences say that the most suitable dose is 0.25 to 0.5mg per day to get the effective darkened skin and increased sensitivity.
The outcomes received vary on the base of various factors like extent of sun exposure or tanning beds, body size, natural color and body reaction to the peptide. The newbies should start from the minimum dose and then increase it until you receive the desired tanning results you seek.
Begin with 0.015 to 0.02 per kg of your body weight. It is the sufficient dose. Assess the results and start from here. Becoming a patient you should keep in mind that the results of Melanotan 2 are different for different users. Change the dose as required. Don’t overlook your health while attempting for good look.
The results of injecting Melanotan 2 have been studied by the various researches and none has reported any harmful side effect. The major benefit it offers is to fight against the dreadful skin cancer as it cures the damaged skin cells due to broad exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays. Melanotan 2 doesn’t have any toxic effect on the body so the users don’t need to worry there. There is no sign that any organs in the body are badly influenced by using this peptide. The regular dose can be increased or decreased that suits your body well.
Melanotan 2 makes your dream come true for getting tanned skin to save yourself from the harmful UV rays or enjoy the tanned world. Another pleasant advantage is increased lipolysis. People suffering from unpleased sex life get the best advantage of using this hormone in addition of tan. Melanotan 2 significantly increases the sensitivity to sexual act in the women and causes natural erection in the men. Third major advantage is it suppresses the appetite receptors hence decrease the appetite and helps you keep fit.

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