Our bodies have the capacity to be self healing when we take responsible for working with our emotions, appreciating and giving thanks often, getting daily exercise, forgiving freely, eating fresh vegetables, fruits, and a little protein, playing often, loving self and others without judgment, experiencing laughter and joy through your day, and living with God as your loving guide.

Returning to wellness from dis-at-ease and trauma will require focus, and an immense – gigantic – tremendous – stupendous desire to live.

1: Smile often at the absolute joy of life.
Every morning awaken and express your appreciation for life and love of yourself and your body. This moment is a new beginning – see: An Exercise In Love

2: When your thoughts turn to worry, discomfort, or sadness, recognizes that you are thinking “old” stuff. Repetition of old problems and emotions without closure diminishes you life force, making you more stressed and unable to cope. Acknowledge your thoughts and choose to return to positive ones.

3: If you eat animal flesh and animal products every day you are taxing your body. Why? Because animal flesh and products are acid and your body is meant to be alkaline. Consider eating more steamed and 40% raw vegetables not sprayed with toxins or grown with chemicals. Check your farmers market, or health food store. Change your diet gradually. It takes a while to learn new ways to meet nutritional needs and to be able to prepare vegetables in satisfying ways.

Acidic foods that we consume every day include; oranges, tomatoes – when cooked, (remember – tomatoes are alkaline when raw only) potatoes, coffee, black and green tea, alcohol, soda, sugar, refined anything, meat and meat products, chocolate, white and whole wheat flour and flour products, oats, fats other than the essential fats.

Alkaline foods that can help to balance your diet; lime, lemons, medjool dates (two medjool dates each day can reduce or eliminate hot flashes), or avocados (dates and avocados are perfect foods that will return the body to an alkali state). Spelt, amaranth, and rye are alkaline grains and can be purchased in rolled form for hot cereals to replace rolled oats which are acid. Sprouted spelt flour is like eating a vegetable and can be used for basic flour. Eat dark leafy vegetables lightly steamed, or in salads. Eating 40% raw vegetable is a good balance until your body adjusts to the change. Using a Cuisinart to grind your fresh vegetables will make them easier to chew and consume.

Check the protein content in vegetables in stores such as Whole Foods; they give a break down on mineral and protein content of each fresh vegetable. For example black beluga lentils, from the bulk department, contain 28% protein. Maple syrup is a sweetener that is alkaline. It can be substituted in baking, and in beverages for sweeteners and sugar. Raw honey is firm and white and has not been heated during processing because when it is heated, it becomes acid and liquid.

Balance your diet so that you can eat acidic foods with your alkaline. If you drink orange juice for breakfast, you would eat a medjool date. If you eat meat you would eat an avocado or the equivalent in guacamole. You can replace dairy with fortified almond milk or rice milk that is slightly sweetened with maple syrup to give it body and flavor. Fresh lime juice seasoned with a bit of maple syrup is a wonderful drink to balance acid foods.

4: Drink ½ of your body’s weight in ounces of water each day. This will take time to adjust to. Our bodies’ are 92% water. Drinks other than water do not eliminate toxins and purify the system. Water is meant to flusher out toxins and hydrate our body. Consider fasting one day a month to clear toxic waste. Remember to drink lots of water throughout the day of a fast, and to exercise to clear toxins from the lymph glands. If you have low blood sugar you would want to have juiced fresh vegetables and fresh fruit drinks to maintain sugar levels throughout the fast. Consult with your Doctor before beginning this or any program.

5: Find an exercise such as walking that you can maintain for 20 to 30 minutes each day. Make it fun!

6: Laugh from your belly three times every day. If there is nothing funny, fake it, it will become funny.

7: Do what gives you joy!

8: Every morning is a new beginning. Live in the joy of new beginnings.

Suggested use: See elixir. Follow the instructions on each bottle. To learn more about each essence go to the products page and read “tell me more”. Begin with “Release” to move out any emotions that have been with you for more than five minutes, then “Self Love” to fill yourself with nurturing and appreciation. Then use “Trust”, “God Within”, followed by “Wellness” and complete with “Joy, Light, Love and Laughter”, and “Limitless Love #2”. You will have an intuitive feeling of which essences to use to increase your understanding of happiness.
Do what gives you joy.

You can carry a bottle of essence on your body to increase your strength.

This is only a guide. Talk with your health practitioner for professional advice.



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Event Venue Date/Time   George Strait & Jason Aldean CenturyLink Center – LA
Bossier City, LA Thursday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait & Jason Aldean Frank Erwin Center
Austin, TX Friday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait & Eric Church CenturyLink Center Omaha (Formerly Qwest Center)
Omaha, NE Friday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait & Eric Church Sprint Center
Kansas City, MO Saturday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait & Martina McBride SAP Center (formerly HP Pavilion)
San Jose, CA Thursday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait & Miranda Lambert Valley View Casino Center (Formerly San Diego Sports Arena)
San Diego, CA Friday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait & Miranda Lambert MGM Grand Garden Arena
Las Vegas, NV Saturday
8:00 PM view
tickets George Strait & Martina McBride US Airways Center
Phoenix, AZ Friday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait & Martina McBride Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA Saturday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait & Little Big Town Palace Of Auburn Hills
Auburn Hills, MI Friday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait & Little Big Town Nationwide Arena
Columbus, OH Saturday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait & Martina McBride Wells Fargo Center – PA
Philadelphia, PA Friday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait & Martina McBride Prudential Center
Newark, NJ Saturday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait & Vince Gill KFC Yum! Center
Louisville, KY Friday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait & Vince Gill Allstate Arena
Rosemont, IL Saturday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait & Sheryl Crow Bridgestone Arena (Formerly Sommet Center)
Nashville, TN Friday
8:00 PM view
tickets George Strait & Sheryl Crow Philips Arena
Atlanta, GA Saturday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait, Lee Ann Womack & Merle Haggard INTRUST Bank Arena
Wichita, KS Friday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait, Lee Ann Womack & Merle Haggard Pepsi Center – Denver
Denver, CO Saturday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait & Chris Young Moda Center at the Rose Quarter (formerly Rose Garden)
Portland, OR Friday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait & Chris Young Tacoma Dome
Tacoma, WA Saturday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait & Ronnie Dunn Wells Fargo Arena – IA
Des Moines, IA Friday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait & Ronnie Dunn Bank Of Oklahoma Center
Tulsa, OK Saturday
7:30 PM view
tickets Bayou Country Superfest – 3 Day Pass Tiger Stadium – Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge, LA Friday
TBD view
tickets Bayou Country Superfest: George Strait, Reba McEntire & Chris Young Tiger Stadium – Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge, LA Friday
6:00 PM view
tickets George Strait, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Gillette Stadium
Foxborough, MA Saturday
7:30 PM view
tickets George Strait, Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney & Faith Hill AT&T Stadium (formerly Dallas Cowboys Stadium)
Arlington, TX Saturday
TBD view

Somareal.com / guestbook

Eden Bailey


10/29/2003 8:24:53 PM
Hey boys! Just wanted to let you know that I’d LOVE to make your show on Thursday BUT you know I can’t because my friends are only 17 and can’t get in like me…so Idon’t want to be by myself..but I do want to tell you GOOD LUCK! I give you boys mucho support and respect..I know you guys ALWAYS make me smile on Tuesdays 🙂 John- you have the BEST voice around the Columbus scene and I mean it hun! And your gf is soo cute!
Miz-<3 you! You're jsut so damn cute! 🙂 The rest of you boys sorry I don't know you as well and I know John and Miz but I sure hope I get the chance to! Love you boys! See you soon! 🙂

Randy Hammons


10/28/2003 7:34:35 PM
When’s the new Soma CD due out? Mpegs.Soma are heeeeelarious!!!

Luke Primel


10/26/2003 10:25:45 PM
Sup Soma. It’s Luke. Matt and I met at Bernies a few weeks ago. Been meaning to get on here since then but I finally had the chance! I checked out the tunes – good stuff. We should definately trande shows sometime in the future. Sign me up on the mailing list! Peace!



10/22/2003 3:59:57 PM
Hey guys good to see ya at the local stuff rumble on Sunday. I cant make it Sunday but SupaFreak will be in the hizzy hollarin’ for yall to make it to the Finals. take care and good luck.

Clitoria Vaginga

10/22/2003 3:27:27 PM
Yo John! Just thought I’d stop by to wish u guys luck on sunday!



10/15/2003 5:37:04 PM
Hey Guys,
Just wondering when you were going to be in Sandusky again! i had a great time listening to your incredible songs at Lyman’s Marine. You have great vocals, and awesome sound. Keep up the hard work and hopefully I will see you guys in Sandusky once again.

Johnny Payne


10/14/2003 8:19:53 PM
BobaFlex will be opening for Mudvayne and V-Shaped Mind this Friday at the Promowest Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio. Tickets are available (but not for long) through ticketmaster and at the Promowest Box Office. Doors are at 7pm and Flex will go on 1st.
Make sure you wear your Flex gear to let everyone know who you are there to support! BobaFlex will also have new warrior shirts and stickers for sale. So make sure you get your tickets now and we will see you at the show.



10/7/2003 10:10:15 AM
LEVELED is actively looking for a bass player. If you know anybody that can play some mad bass, please have ’em get in touch. E-mail me and I’ll give Billy’s phone number to you and we can go from there.




9/27/2003 8:23:30 PM
Just wanted to say that you guys kick so much ass.
Cant wait to see you again at billiard’s club tuesday’s



9/27/2003 2:14:19 PM
I dunno guys… I would come to your shows, but I have to attend my local Insane Clown Posse get togethers with middle-aged men http://icp.meetup.com/photos?e=486945



9/27/2003 1:37:32 PM
I dunno guys… I would come to your shows, but I have to attend my local Insane Clown Posse get togethers with middle-aged men http://icp.meetup.com/photos?e=486945


9/25/2003 10:38:15 PM
Hi this is Jim Tressel coach of the OSU buckeyes. Just thought I’d take a break from the team and a shot out to my other favorite columbus team: SOMA!

PS. I’m lost, do you know where I live? …can I have some food?

john black


9/21/2003 3:37:24 PM
of course it’s raining…



9/18/2003 2:35:31 PM
Vote for me, or I’ll break your back! eeaah eaaah!



9/18/2003 5:23:27 AM
You guys are awesome!!!! saw you play at alrosa a few months back….i became a really big fan…. just thought i’d let you know!

erika rae*

9/17/2003 5:22:41 AM
i was just thinken’ about all the recall and voting stuff going on in california. and you know, i was wondering; how many of you would vote arnold for governer of california? see the thing is…i live in california and i just want to know other people’s oppion on this.



9/15/2003 7:16:52 PM
We love Somanites and groupies!!!!

Scott & Elisha


9/13/2003 12:53:53 AM
Soma kicks A$$! Plug in
their “REAL”
CD.. better yet, got to a SOMA show!! You will LITERALLLY FEEL their music! Rock On SOMA.. You will be on the Charts someday for sure!!!



9/10/2003 10:04:25 PM



9/7/2003 8:07:34 PM
I think I went to campbell school with justin musick
Mr. James, 3rd Grade?

Justin Musick


9/6/2003 5:33:54 PM
Testing site for Randy.

Randy Hammons


9/6/2003 5:33:50 PM
This is the first post to the Somareal.com Guest Book!

::::: somans leisure | experience… beyound… :::::

03 nights Moscow    03 nights St Petersburg 

Sight Seeing & Excursion

City tour of Moscow   City with modern & historical monuments       Red square St Basils Cathedral   Poklonnaya Mountain -a flat hill in the western part of Moscow between river Setun & Filka

Walking tour of Arbat  – One of the very few pedestrian streets in Moscow Old Arbat part of a medieval trade settlement is an encyclopedia of Russian history & culture from the Middle Ages to the Soviet era.

Moscow Metro Train Ride – The length of the underground lines exceeds 250 km  with more than 160 stations. The palace halls of the metro stations are considered to be the most beautiful & decorated in the world , infact it looks like an under ground museum

Kremlin  Historical centre & the heart of Moscow, once the residence of Tsars & Patriarchs, contains Russia s main Cathedrals – Assumption, Archangel , Resurrection & the Church of the twelve Apostles

Armoury     The armoury chamber is a very special museum located on the territory of the Moscow Kremlin.contains over four thousand precious items.  Most of these items were presented to the Russian Tsars & Emperors by overseas ambassadors who sought to improve diplomatic relations & to appease Russia on various occasions

Sergivev Posad   A wooden Temple deep in the Russian  Forest named after Sergi Radonez

Vodka History Museum   An opportunity to get acquainted with centuries-long history of Russian Vodka , from its invention to the present day.  in the museum exposition you can see the first distillation unit.

Victory Park  built  on  Poklonnaya  Hill  ,completed  in1995 to celebrate  the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Victory over the Germany in the Great Patriotic War. The memorial   complex include an Orthodox church , Mosque and Synagogue  reflecting  that the struggle against the enemy united the people of different confessions.  The park displays weapons tanks armored vehicles fighters & helicopters submarines & warships  used by the Soviet army during the WWII

Peter & Paul Fortress  The majestic architectural ensembles of Saint Petersburg . During the tour see the main highlights of Saint Petersburg such as the Winter Palace, Kazan Cathedral , the Peter & Paul Fortress , the Bronze Horseman , Smolny Cathedral , the State Russian Museum as well as numerous canals & rivers &  beautiful bridges.

Nevsky Prospect  One of the main avenues & the best streets in St Petersburg  where you can see the  The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood , St Issacs  Cathedral , the Marinsky Theatre ,  the Spit of  Vaselievsky Island , Peters Log Cabin

Nikolaevsky Palace with Cocktail Party  The evening begins in the PalaceRestaurant with  a Traditional dance and Music during an elegant reception.

Magnificient Grand Summer Palace  Lavishly decorated with the two white pavilions with gillded cupolas. Beige and white , the palace is majestic without  being overwhelming and provides a perfect backdrop both to the elegantly formal Upper garden and to the spectacular Grand Cascade at the foot of the palace.

Hermitage Museum   One of the worlds most  magnificient repositories with almost 3 million pieces of art.  World famous masterpieces in the collection include  Raphaels. Leonardo da Vinci  Rembrandt  Renoir Picasso Van Gogh & Matisse . The collection is both enormous & diverse , an essential stop for all those interested in art & history.

Peterhof   Most prominent suburbs  of  Petersburg; on the coast of the Gulf of Finland . Grand Palace & charming Lower Park with countless fountains.  The largest fountain is the Samson Fountain , in the centre of Great Grotto.  Numerous” trick fountains ” designed to shower unwary passersby.

Catherine Palace  Its palaces & pavilions were built by the most talented architects & decorated by the best Russian & foreign sculptors ,painters &craftsmen. Due to its singular beauty it was sometimes dubbed as  the ”  Eighth Wonder of the World “

Meals:  Break fast , Lunch , Dinner
Also Includes
Return Flight Ticket with all taxes on Emirates Airlines
All Transfers
English speaking local tour guide + Tour Manager accompanying from here

How you can choose on automatic versus manual treadmill

smooth 9.35 hr

It’s possible you’ll have already made a decision that you simply wish to purchase a treadmill. But you can be at odds regarding the two forms: automatic and manual. How do you decide on among two promising pieces of devices? Ahead of we do a blow by blow comparison with the distinct elements you can be in search of in a very treadmill (and the way each and every variety fares against one other), it can be extremely crucial to suit your needs to contemplate that it can be your special circumstance and wants that could dictate which sort of treadmill will work to suit your needs.

The upkeep of workout in say, your Proform treadmill, is hinged also on several aspects such as your stamina as well as your goals for physical fitness. It’s generally immaterial if that you are making use of a Trimline treadmill or maybe a Healthrider treadmill.

1. The Immediate Component. Do you desire an prompt fix in organizing your workout? The automatic 1 wins on this facet hands straight down. Thrust button engineering within the automatic treadmill allows you to have a great deal of factors with your treadmill preferences without exerting an excessive amount of effort.

2. Versatility of workout. Do you desire an incline 1 time of day plus a reasonably flat 1 on the next? Once again, it’s the automatic that allows you to alter the incline level more quickly. With manual you might must site a block or two on your own treadmill to have the specific incline that you simply want. It’s widespread information which the incline adds intensity and will help construct endurance.

3. Simplicity in use and storage. Some workout lovers like simplicity around functionality. Then, if that you are 1 these kinds of person, the manual treadmill is ideal suited to suit your needs. You’ll find several adjustments required in a very manual treadmill. It’ll just allow you to walk, jog or run on your cardiovascular’s articles. The manual treadmill can be naturally lighter, which contributes for simple storage, in particular if you may have constrained house with your property.

4. Value. Manual is more affordable, absolutely. If that you are frugal with the shelling out, chances are you’ll not like the cost tag on the automatic.

5. Upkeep. Understandably with far more machinations, automatic is far more difficult to take care of. With manual, you just have to check belt tightness and you also’re fairly much excellent to go.

6. Independence of movement. Your flexibility of movement is much much better fostered within the automatic treadmill. You could must be tied for the manual treadmill’s handrails. Unless you uncover a compromise on how that you are proceeding to implement your manual treadmill sans the handrails, you might uncover automatic far more provident in offering room for movement.

7. Progressive intensity. Automated treadmills have prescribed applications of rising intensity. With the manual 1, it’s achievable also. But you may have to expose yourself to subjectivity with your pacing together with the manual treadmill, due to the fact it lacks the sensors, cardiovascular fee monitor and intensity indicator which the automatic types have.

8. Added features. The automatic treadmill has far more features to boast of, considering that it will come using a greater value.

To find the best motion trainer for home use visit this website site at treadmill reviews. You can also find more articles with tips on using smooth verses true treadmill for health benefits and weight loss.