Our bodies have the capacity to be self healing when we take responsible for working with our emotions, appreciating and giving thanks often, getting daily exercise, forgiving freely, eating fresh vegetables, fruits, and a little protein, playing often, loving self and others without judgment, experiencing laughter and joy through your day, and living with God as your loving guide.

Returning to wellness from dis-at-ease and trauma will require focus, and an immense – gigantic – tremendous – stupendous desire to live.

1: Smile often at the absolute joy of life.
Every morning awaken and express your appreciation for life and love of yourself and your body. This moment is a new beginning – see: An Exercise In Love

2: When your thoughts turn to worry, discomfort, or sadness, recognizes that you are thinking “old” stuff. Repetition of old problems and emotions without closure diminishes you life force, making you more stressed and unable to cope. Acknowledge your thoughts and choose to return to positive ones.

3: If you eat animal flesh and animal products every day you are taxing your body. Why? Because animal flesh and products are acid and your body is meant to be alkaline. Consider eating more steamed and 40% raw vegetables not sprayed with toxins or grown with chemicals. Check your farmers market, or health food store. Change your diet gradually. It takes a while to learn new ways to meet nutritional needs and to be able to prepare vegetables in satisfying ways.

Acidic foods that we consume every day include; oranges, tomatoes – when cooked, (remember – tomatoes are alkaline when raw only) potatoes, coffee, black and green tea, alcohol, soda, sugar, refined anything, meat and meat products, chocolate, white and whole wheat flour and flour products, oats, fats other than the essential fats.

Alkaline foods that can help to balance your diet; lime, lemons, medjool dates (two medjool dates each day can reduce or eliminate hot flashes), or avocados (dates and avocados are perfect foods that will return the body to an alkali state). Spelt, amaranth, and rye are alkaline grains and can be purchased in rolled form for hot cereals to replace rolled oats which are acid. Sprouted spelt flour is like eating a vegetable and can be used for basic flour. Eat dark leafy vegetables lightly steamed, or in salads. Eating 40% raw vegetable is a good balance until your body adjusts to the change. Using a Cuisinart to grind your fresh vegetables will make them easier to chew and consume.

Check the protein content in vegetables in stores such as Whole Foods; they give a break down on mineral and protein content of each fresh vegetable. For example black beluga lentils, from the bulk department, contain 28% protein. Maple syrup is a sweetener that is alkaline. It can be substituted in baking, and in beverages for sweeteners and sugar. Raw honey is firm and white and has not been heated during processing because when it is heated, it becomes acid and liquid.

Balance your diet so that you can eat acidic foods with your alkaline. If you drink orange juice for breakfast, you would eat a medjool date. If you eat meat you would eat an avocado or the equivalent in guacamole. You can replace dairy with fortified almond milk or rice milk that is slightly sweetened with maple syrup to give it body and flavor. Fresh lime juice seasoned with a bit of maple syrup is a wonderful drink to balance acid foods.

4: Drink ½ of your body’s weight in ounces of water each day. This will take time to adjust to. Our bodies’ are 92% water. Drinks other than water do not eliminate toxins and purify the system. Water is meant to flusher out toxins and hydrate our body. Consider fasting one day a month to clear toxic waste. Remember to drink lots of water throughout the day of a fast, and to exercise to clear toxins from the lymph glands. If you have low blood sugar you would want to have juiced fresh vegetables and fresh fruit drinks to maintain sugar levels throughout the fast. Consult with your Doctor before beginning this or any program.

5: Find an exercise such as walking that you can maintain for 20 to 30 minutes each day. Make it fun!

6: Laugh from your belly three times every day. If there is nothing funny, fake it, it will become funny.

7: Do what gives you joy!

8: Every morning is a new beginning. Live in the joy of new beginnings.

Suggested use: See elixir. Follow the instructions on each bottle. To learn more about each essence go to the products page and read “tell me more”. Begin with “Release” to move out any emotions that have been with you for more than five minutes, then “Self Love” to fill yourself with nurturing and appreciation. Then use “Trust”, “God Within”, followed by “Wellness” and complete with “Joy, Light, Love and Laughter”, and “Limitless Love #2”. You will have an intuitive feeling of which essences to use to increase your understanding of happiness.
Do what gives you joy.

You can carry a bottle of essence on your body to increase your strength.

This is only a guide. Talk with your health practitioner for professional advice.


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