At the end of this rainbow is more than just a pot of gold, you will find a piece of jewelry, which may just save yours or someone’s life. SOS ASPIRIN WORLD WIDE was established in Hawaii with one thing in mind, how can we help people who are having a heart attack? Well we found the answer: Hopefully it will never happened to you or any one of your family or friends, not even to a total stranger, but heart attacks occur daily. We have talked to a lot of doctors and all agreed that aspirin can save yours or someone’s life, when taken during a heart attack. The investment is relatively small, but the rewards are very big YOU MAY HAVE SAVED A LIFE. Think about it! You will feel good and your mind will be at peace.

Many people know that aspirins will help when a heart attack occurs, but most people do not have aspirins with them. We created a new line of jewelry with a waterproof chamber to store two aspirins. The chamber is made of surgical stainless steel; they can be worn as a pendant or on a keychain, so you will never be without them. They will be with you where ever you are or whatever you are doing, in ocean, in the shower, shopping, camping, on your vacation in flight ore on a cruise etc. etc. etc.

We are committed to save lives, please join thousands of others, and please remember: A heart attack does not respect gender or age….. Be prepared….. SAVE A LIFE!

A few words from PRESIDENT and CEO: According to the American Heart Association, I quote: Each year more than a Million Americans suffer a heart attack, nearly 460,000 of them die. This is very alarming. You probably know that aspirins can help prevent heart attacks? But Aspirins are also useful during a heart attack, in fact the American Heart Association I quote: Recommends taking aspirin when a warning signs occur. Research shows that taking aspirins when symptoms start, significantly improves
chances of survival for people having a heart attack. Here is what we found in our own research: Yes, many people know that aspirin will help preventing heart attacks, as in an aspirin regiment, and many people do know that giving aspirin when warning signs occur will give them or the patient more time get help, like calling 911, waiting for the paramedics, or getting them to the nearest Hospital if no ambulance is available. A lot of people know most of this, but when we ask them if they carry any aspirins with them, the answer was very disappointing, only a very few carried aspirins on them, those who did, where the once who had prior experienced a heart attack. After listening to the statistics they all said: We will never again be without aspirins, either for ourselves or for someone else who has a heart attack.

By now we know that aspirin will help, but in most cases it is not readily available when desperately
needed and time is of the essence.

So the secret to save your own or some once life is very simple, have two aspirins with you at all time.

This is where our products comes in, your aspirins will always be with you and you are ready to help
yourself or even a total stranger in case of an oncoming heat attack.

Please enjoy our website and choose between Pendants or Key Chains, we offer many different designs
and seven colors plus KOA Wood to choose from. WE ARE COMMITED TO SAVE LIFES, but we cannot do this alone, we need your help.

Be a LIFE SAVER and join the list of many satisfied customers.

Thank you from all of us at:



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