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Posted by admin on February 28th, 2011

A number of important factors could explain why more seniors are divorced. Here are some possible reasons:

Life. With an average life of the late 70’s seniors are living longer than ever. And thank you all-around healthier quality of life also increases. This means the elderly healthy and vibrant today are capable of being in unhappy marriages that could last 20 seconds (or more) years – a period that their predecessors golden years did not have to think about.

Senior Divorce Questions
Here are some important considerations for seniors and their supporters divorce proceeding. They stress the importance of getting professional help from financial advisers and lawyers for the family:

Standard of living. Many seniors are of interest, and it is difficult for them to recover from financial crises. As such, the difference between the mass of older people need to know what the standard of living they can expect after a divorce and, if necessary, adjustments to minimize financial risks.

Initial evaluation of assets and debt / allowance. Many older couples either live mortgage-free in the family home or their home equity has increased dramatically from which it was purchased. And of course there may be pension and life insurance. All these assets will be evaluated and assigned, which can be complex, especially during the stock market volatility. At the same time, some couples have a joint debt, such as auto loans, credit lines and so on. These plans must also be resolved.

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