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Quiet Day

Filed under Uncategorized on Thursday October 25, 2007 at 8:22 am

We woke up so tired this morning. Tim and I went on a walk so Rich could do some work and we got lost. We walked through Chelsea down to the Albert Bridge over the Thames. It’s a pink, off-white and blue bridge! It was so nice to weave through the neighborhood. When we got back we went to a Lebanese food place that was so good. I’ve never had better hummus. The owner, who was irritating, sold Rich a good cookbook that she made and told us she never adds any garlic. Rich spotted a little Italian place on the block over so we plan to go there tonight.

Jet-lag caught us all today. Rich had a business meeting today at 5 our time so we couldn’t go far. We came back here around 3:45 after buying some gourmet cupcakes and chilled out. Tim has been asleep for the last hour. When Rich is done, we may head up to Piccadilly Circus to see it at night.

Tomorrow is a big day. We are going to ride the London Eye. I am terrified, but I am following my friend Joe Popp’s advice – just buy your ticket, step on and don’t think about what you are doing!

I posted some pictures of our neighborhood and our place. We are staying in a 4 story flat. The bottom floor – lovingly called the dungeon by the landlord – has a dryer. The next floor up has a kitchen, dining room and small deck. The next floor is our living room and the final floor has a large bathroom with a tub and a standing shower/steam room and two bedrooms. It’s a nice place and it’s located in a great neighborhood. Let’s just say that London Lamborghini is right up the block! I’ll post more later!

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