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Samsung UN46D7000

The Samsung UN60D7000 HDTV provides you with a magnificent 3D viewing experience beginning with the 3D ready display screen. This new technology has been available in cinemas for years and now you can experience it sitting on your own couch! This television is also internet ready so all you need is a broadband connection in order to get an amazing view of everything online directly from your 3D television set. Updates are still coming in so there is still more features to come as you continue to enjoy your new Samsung UN60D7000 HDTV.Best price here

Key Features

  • Auto Motion Plus: This feature includes 240Hz so you will see a massive difference in how you view fast paced scenes. There will be no pause of wait time, just perfectly flowing pictures.
  • Four HDMI Outputs: With 1080p full HD you get a high resolution for beautiful picture clarity. Connect every one of your sources to the four outputs and get the same quality in one HD picture.
  • The One Design Feature: This is one of the most noticeable features. You will see (or rather you will barely see) the 0.2 in metal bezel that frames the vibrant image content and this helps to enhance the light form on the screen.
  • Smart TV: With Smart TV you will have access to the thousands of apps made by Samsung. Your options or entertainment will be limitless!
  • 3D Magic: You will be able to experience 3D quality viewing in your own home and feel yourself being pulled into the action you are viewing on the screen. Everything is intensified when viewed in 3D!
  • Skype:  Get your Skype on with your new Samsung HDTV! Skyping is great on your PC but just imagine it on a large 3D screen!
  • AllShare DLNA Network: Connect to your internet network to stream music, pictures and videos in high definition quality.

General Features

  • 59.6 display screen for an amazing view of everything
  • One digital output
  • New and improved quad stand that minimizes the visual appeal for better viewing experience
  • Remote control with batteries
  • Instruction manual with clear directions for setup and usage
  • AV component adapter
  • Regular AV adapter

Pros and Cons


  • 3D images are simply amazing. You feel as if you are actually in a movie theater.
  • Allows for easy set up of gaming consoles so the whole family can enjoy play.
  • The Samsung apps are so much fun to use and there are tons to choose from
  • The sound is terrific and even without the surround sound installed, it is as close as you can get without it.


  • Have to purchase 3D glasses separately and have a pair for everyone who is watching the TV. The screen looks odd without them but you can convert to 2D in case there are not enough to go around at a particular time.


The Samsung UN60D7000 HDTV is one of the best purchase decisions that I have ever made. I love it. My husband loves it. My kids love it too but mainly because their video games look so cool in 3D! The picture quality is astoundingly beautiful on every level and the sound is perfect for what my family needs. For anyone who is in the market for a new television set and are not sure what to get, I would highly recommend this set simply because everyone should be able to experience high quality 3D at home at least once!Best price here

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