The Importance of Reacting To Those Throbbing Gums Immediately

When it comes to taking care of your teeth, we really just think about the health of our teeth and not really about our gums. However, gum disease is part of the lives of ” and when not properly treated, can eventually result in the loss of even healthy teeth. This makes the health of our gums just as important as the health of our teeth.

Gum disease itself refers to an inflammation or expansion of the gums. There are actually three different kinds of gum disease, which each do their own damage. The three types of gum disease are gingivitis, periodontitis and acute necrotising ulcerative gingivitis.


With teeth that are not cleaned properly or regularly enough, this can create a build-up of plaque. Plaque itself is comprised of food remnants and different types of bacteria. If the plaque is left to build up on your teeth, it will begin to irritate the gums above and around the upper parts. This then leads to gums that become inflamed with an enhanced red colour, taking on a shiny appearance, and can cause bleeding too. Eventually, if the plaque remains, then this can become more serious and develop to periodontitis.


If a case of gingivitis goes untreated, then your gums may begin to retract upwards away from your gums. This leaves small gaps between where your gums used to be and your teeth. Whilst these gaps may be very small, they are still large enough for plaque to get trapped inside. Unfortunately, at this stage, regular cleaning with a toothbrush will not help because the toothbrush cannot penetrate the gaps to clean them.

If this plaque is not removed from these gaps, then it will become more solid and become tartar. The plaque and tartar combined create further issues which can move into the bones around your mouth that support your gums and teeth. As the disease spreads, the gaps get larger, harder to resolve and in the process your gums and the bones supporting them could get smaller. Essentially, this is what periodontitis is.

With shrinking gums, the risk is that your teeth roots will be exposed which can be highly sensitive for food and drink consumption later. With bone loss, this can seriously affect the stability of your teeth and in a worst case scenario, teeth can either fall out or need to be removed by a cosmetic dentist like those available at “.

It is possible for a dentist to treat the disease, and with more attention paid to daily flossing and brushing, the condition can be stopped in its tracks but the previous damage cannot be rolled back.

Acute Necrotising Ulcerative Gingivitis

The third type of gum disease is known as “. It is a particularly bad type of gum disease that can surface very fast. However, it usually can be resolved with improved hygiene for your mouth, teeth and gums, twice daily brushing and a course of antibiotics.

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