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Personal TrainerMaximum Results in the Quickest Time

Personal Training is the way many of our members have been getting their
results and they’re loving it. One of our members Jan was screaming in the
reception the other night that she’s lost 40 kilo’s thanks to personal training,
you can read her story in the testimonial section. Personal training is for
everyone as the session is completely designed for you.

What will my session entail?
Your own personal trainer will
be waiting at the door to greet you with a towel and bottle of water for you to
begin your session. Your first session with a personal trainer will be to
determine your goals and length of time you want these goals achieved in. We
also determine what your fitness level currently is and how you would like to
exercise. The sessions will involve a quick warm up, strength training and a
light massage at the end as a reward. Your trainer will be with you throughout
the session guiding you on what machines to use, exercises to do and motivating
you to be your best

How long does each session go for?
Most of our sessions are
half an hour but you can choose an hour if you would like. We find most of our
members can commit to half an hour with time and what’s involved in the session.
Sessions can be scheduled for any day or time to accommodate your busy

How much do the sessions cost?
If you can afford to go
without a can of coke and a cup of coffee a day, you can afford a personal
trainer once a week- now what’s going to be the better investment in your body’s

How do I choose a trainer?
Your lifestyle coach will do
that for you. After discussing with your coach the goals you want to achieve and
what your interests are, they will assign you the most suitable person to help
you achieve all of your health and fitness dreams.

Fitness NSWAre all of the trainers qualified?
All of our Lifestyle
Coaches and Personal Trainers are qualified with a University Degree or with a
Certificate in Fitness. Every single trainer is registered with our government
body Fitness NSW in accordance with the NSW Code of Practice. The team have
thorough, regular training and attend courses to continually learn and update
their certificates. You can be assured of nothing less than top quality with a
Vital Health Club Trainer. You can be also guaranteed to have a trainer that is
professional, caring and interested in helping you. At Vital our trainers need
to complete their bachelor of big warm smiles before they even make the

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