The first biotech drug for asthma related to allergies

Revolutionary aid is available for people with severe asthma 12 years do not respond to traditional treatments, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Xolair (omalizumab) as the first drug for asthma allergyrelated biotechnology. About 17 million American adults and children with asthma, 60 percent of them from allergic asthma. Although the exact cause of allergic asthma is a little mystery, doctors have made significant progress in understanding what triggers an attack.When the body detects something it is allergic antibody IgE to mast cells send signals through the body to release histamine, prostaglandins and other chemicals to counteract the attacks.
In some cases, the antibodies react against substances that are quite mild in this case, the allergen isnot thats the problem. This is the same allergic reaction that can be severe enough to kill a person. Xolair prevents IgE antibodies from sending messages to the pole so that these cells are never a signal to release chemicals that cause the reaction. In two clinical trials in six months, the drug was effective in controlling wheezing, shortness of breath and severe coughing in asthmatics who do not respond to inhaled steroids, allergy injections, and other standard therapies.Participants in one study showed that up to one third fewer asthma attacks, while on the drug.
During clinical trials, there is a slight increase in the number of people who developed cancer while on the drug, prompting the FDA to require the drugs manufacturer, Genentech, to investigate a possibleconnection. Moreover, the three participants in the trial developed a potentially fatal reaction to the drug itself, all the time recovered.

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