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Purging with the Acai Colon Cleanse

Colon cleansing is a purging of the gastrointestinal tract and is normally done as a way to lose weight or to purge the body of toxins. One of more popular home remedy for colon cleansing is the use of the acai berry which contains high concentrations of antioxidants and can boost the levels of energy by the burning of unnecessary fat. These fats are usually unnecessary and can be reabsorbed by the large intestine. The colon cleanser will rid the body of not only these over absorbed fat, but will also rid the body of faecal matter and bacteria.

The benefits to the berry include loss of weight, improvement in vision, and retention of calcium in the bones for healthier bones. Other uses include the ability of the berry to suppress cancer cells after only 24 hours ingesting it and its high concentrations of the vitamins A, B1 and D provides the body of nutrition and energy.

Purging the body of the harmful waste in the body is a good thing, as long as the purging is done under the direct supervision of a doctor or a health care professional. There are some who can abuse the benefits in an attempt to lose drastic amounts of weight. Some would even supplement the berries with chemical purgatives that will increase the rate of bowel movement and result in the malabsorption of nutrients from essential foods and may result to malnutrition, anorexia and even death.

Uncontrolled purging can inadvertently lead the person to dehydrate. Some individuals with psychological disorders may actually think that water will increase their weight and refuse to hydrate themselves which can prove fatal in the end. An excuse that may arise of the continued and increase in use can be the high levels of vitamins, but then again, if the body is continuously purged, no amounts of vitamins can help the body to maintain its level of health needed to function properly.

The use of the acai colon cleanse is to keep the body healthy, not to lose 20 or more pounds in less than a week or two weeks. Before taking, consult the physician, even if others may say otherwise because it is not a chemical and neither is it a medicine in the truest sense of the word.

Whatever can cause purging has the potential to harm the human body when it used wrongly or is abused.

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